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19 Flamerule 1372 DR (Night) **Second Draft**

All right, so I stayed a little later than dusk.

Ok, so I stayed a lot later, since I'm still here. I only mean to stay just long enough to dine with Methrammar back at the Friendly Dwarf, so I wouldn't have to worry about the cranky Keeper of the Bridges trying to fine me for using the gate during non-peak hours. Unfortunately, we were up so late talking and strolling through town (nothing more) that it was well past gate's close when I begged off and decided to retire upstairs (alone). It was lucky for me that he had to travel to Olostin's Hold on a later day, because I had no idea what I would tell him about Ralenthra, or even if I should tell him about her. I guess we will just cross that bridge when we come to it.

Believe it or not, we did not have elven wine; otherwise I would not gone upstairs alone, I assure you. We just shared a light dinner and conversation that came so easily once the how do you dos were done with.

When we finally reached a comfortable lull in the conversation and I could eat the tasty pheasant before me, he said, "You know, you're the first woman who didn't ask me about my mother inside of a minute of my introducing myself."

I put my fork down. "A man like yourself has plenty of accomplishments of his own to talk about without having to delve into family history. I would not be so bold as to start asking about your mother so soon before we are...better acquainted."

He smiled, "You would not be so bold..ha ha! Seledra, you may think you fool me with your wide eyes and blushes, but I see a fire within you that you cannot hide...I...feel like I know you and maybe I don't, but one thing I don't think you suffer from is a lack of boldness."

"You seem to have me pegged, Methrammar. I fear I will soon bore you."

"I could have the long life of Elminster and I still don't think I could live long enough for you to bore me."


I didn't know how to follow that up, so I decided to tone things down a bit.

"Then it is good that we shall be spending more time together, first with the wedding and later back at Silverymoon. I'm sure we will see lots of each other."

We smiled and finished our food. The dynamic was strange and different, but good. I've noticed that elven men take...such...a...long...time to get to know a girl and by that time, the girl in question has probably already bedded a human just to pass the time. Half-elven men, certainly Methrammar, if he is any example, are quite a bit more intense, not so much so that we would end up in bed on the first night, but we could, given a few weeks' time. Humans want to marry the girl right away or bed them quickly, and then brag to all their friends that they nailed an elf.

After we left the Friendly Dwarf, he walked with me in the moonlight, ambling through the quiet streets hand in hand. Because she had been cooped up for most of the day Selune joined us. When I called to her, she pushed through the stable door and hopped all around, so excited to see me and who is this guy and did you bring me some food and where's Ralenthra and let's go let's go I'm bored and want to look around!

I laid my leftovers on the ground for Selune to enthusiastically devour and when I stood up, Methrammar's hand slid behind my back and gently drew me closer. The waxing moon was reflected in his eyes that looked like the sea after a storm. And. He. Kissed. Me. Then he apologized.

"I'm so sorry. I don't want to scare you away or anything."

I shook my head. "It's alright. It was a lo- a really nice kiss." I stammered.

At that point, we were interrupted by Selune, who was thoroughly bored with the proceedings and tugged gently at my sleeve and whined, as if to tell me she wanted to keep walking. We obliged her, since she had behaved herself so well all day. Finally, my instincts told me to bring the night out to an end, so as to leave him wanting more. I yawned.

"I'm so sorry. I'm just...so tired. I will see you at the wedding then?"

"I wouldn't miss it for all the tea in Shou."

He walked me back inside the inn and arranged for Selune to be able to sleep in my room, but stayed at the foot of the stairs himself. He whispered, "Good night, Seledra."

I made my way to the top of the stairs and turned, whispering, "Good night, Methrammar! See you again soon!"

I closed the door, sat on the big fluffy bed that faced the window and relaxed. Selune stretched herself across my lap and I gave her some long overdue pets and scritches. We spoke silently for awhile. I told her about Thralia and Kronk and Methrammar and she told me about the assorted Harper Agents that played fetch with her when their shifts were over. She'd met Kronk as well. He came back to the Friendly Dwarf last night with blood on his hands but he had been so gentle to her that she licked his hands clean. Half-orc blood, but not his. She also spoke to a strange but funny little creature who called himself a pseudodragon named Beau. Oh, and there was a dragon going around incognito but his intentions were not hostile, unless you consider eating a lot of Shepherd's pie hostile. Look outside.

I did. And I saw a white dragon flying away from Everlund, apparently undetected. He headed towards the Nether Mountains and soon out of sight.

After Selune fell asleep and before I started my trance, I whispered a prayer to Mielikki to protect Ralenthra on the road and when she arrives at Olostin's Hold before I get there.


Nice inclusion of Selune into the story. I have to learn to make better use of familiars in my writing.
Seledra's a trip when she's flirting. Good dialogue, and I love the way you characterize Selune's thoughts.
Awesome. I'm glad you like it. :)