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17 Flamerule 1372 DR

Evening falls.

At Ralenthra's insistence, we left Silverymoon early in the evening. She seemed so surprised that I was able to play along with her con but she didn't know me before I became a druid.It took more than one expellable offense to expell a Silverymoon Nailo. It took three. My parents gave a lot of money to the University in their efforts to turn me into their picutre of the perfect elven girl and I failed them miserably, on purpose. True, I was not planning for my last indiscretion to be the one that would finally get me expelled; I had, in fact, planned to go out in a much more grand fashion.

My first offense was the re-opening of the portals between the dormitories during curfew hours. This sounds like a smaller offense than it really was. I suppose a small part of me thought I was playing Sune but most of me just thought the ensuing chaos was fun. As part of the deal, I kept my partner's identity a secret; only a gifted mage could have broken the spell wards on the portals and kept them open, confounding even the staff. Of course, only a gifted seductress with a flawless memory could have gotten the necessary "nonexistent" spells right out from under the noses of the supposedly celibate priests of Deneir at the Vault of the Sages without being able to write them down. I was put on probabtion.

My second offense was the theft of a map I had sweet-talked out of Esklindrar the Sage, the man who runs the Map House. It was a complete map of the entire university and could be used to track any object or person with a command and the touch of a wand. I hadn't really stolen it. I had borrowed it, had my partner make a faulty counterfeit copy of it and returned the counterfeit to Esklindrar instead. This time, it seems, I was put on "double secret probation".

My third offense was to be the theft of the genealogical record of my father's family, held in Everdusk Hall, which would have required the assistance of nine more classmates. I was convinced that secrets were being kept from me by my parents, but unfortunately my greatest plan never came to fruition.

My partner, the gifted young human mage betrayed me by convincing me that we should "consummate" our bond of petty crime and elaborate pranks - in front of a mirror. Too bad all the mirrors in the entire University had been enchanted as scrying mirrors and I wound up putting on a free show for everyone - students and faculty alike. Aelthas Vihuel got away scot free, by testifying against me in front of the school board. I hear he's an instructor now...and he hasn't aged well, the old bastard.

Change comes slowly for an elf, but I like to think that I have changed these eighteen years. I try to do good by others without being too preachy. I try to trust people, even though many have betrayed my trust. Finally, I try not to cause trouble just to get a rise out of others. Unfortunately, it seems that trouble follows me now instead of the other way around.

Speaking of which, I may have been too hard on Ralenthra. Even if she was taking advantage of those peoples' kindness, doesn't she deserve some kindness? We've all made mistakes - I'm a living example of that. She's been through more than I could probably imagine. If she were really a bad person, she could have stabbed me in my bed numerous times or robbed me blind. Maybe it's because I'm more useful to her alive and loyal but maybe she just needs a friend. She may have thought she could hide it from me, but even after we were a few miles away from Old City, she was quiet and I think I saw her dab her eyes a few times. Of course, if I ask her, she'll probably just tell me that she's reacting to the eyedrops. Bah. I'll apologize in the morning, as it looks like she's deep in trance.

It's not going to be the most restful of nights. It's hard to enter trance in a bumpy coach, but not impossible. Tomorrow morning we will be in Everlund, the closest "big city" to Amalith. After that, it's a day trip to the village of Olostin's Hold. We'll spend the night there and leave the following morning for Amalith, getting there on the following morning. We'll probably spend three whole days in Everlund then. Plenty of time to get to Amalith and meet up with family and friends. I just hope Ralenthra doesn't get too bored or feel left out. She'd probably like the Loriens, if she gave them a chance.

I gazed at my new green dress from Mistress Nalari, made with more care than the other green dress spun by Mother on an all-night weaving marathon. Decisions, decisions. Decisions that can wait till tomorrow.