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19 Flamerule 1372 DR (Morning)

Like clockwork, I rose at the stroke of eight (hey, it was hard getting back into trance with a vision like that), walked over to my desk and re-read the letter Ralenthra/Dhavra left for me.

My dear friend,
I cannot thank you enough for the aid you've given me these past few weeks. Without you, I don't think I'd ever come so far in my search. But I must go on alone, now. I fear that traveling with you further will put you and your family in danger from those who seek me. Even now, there is another drow in the city who works for my House; she may be here to bring me back to that horrid city. After her, there will be more.
Please, do not come after me. You have taught me so much about the woods that I'm sure I can make the rest of the trip by myself. I have only to follow the road south and stay out of the High Forest; I cannot get lost. When I have found my father, I will write to you. May your Goddess go with you, always.


Think. Think. Think. Of something sad, of something that broke your heart. There. There we go...and...now!

With a sob, I burst through the door and ran down the stairs into the main hall of the Friendly Dwarf Inn. Darla, the kindly innkeeper's wife, hadn't noticed my tears at first and told me that my breakfast would be delivered to my room very soon.

"Oh my dear, sweet girl. What is the matter?"

"It's...Dhavra...(sob)...she's gooooooooooooooooooooone!!!"

Darla looked at my letter, hugged me close and wiped away my tears.

"There, there, my dear. It's a brave and noble thing she's done. She is truly a testament to her...kind. It's for the best, dear."

"I suppose you're right."

"Did she happen to say where she was headed?"

"Noanar's Hold, why?" I widened my eyes and batted my eyelashes innocently.

Darla turned noticeably pale. She must know they practically hunt drow there for sport.

"Just curious, dove." She bit her lip, and as she turned away shook her head and said, "I'll send Amie up with your breakfast, my dear."

I took the handkerchief she then handed to me and dabbed at my eyes as I walked back up the stairs. With my back turned she couldn't see that I was fighting a smirk.

I took my food in my room, got dressed and packed my things before visiting Thralia. I had a favor to ask her. But first, I had to get past the half-orc.

"Hello Kronk."




"Well, of course I'm right, it's my name isn't it?"

I swear I saw the corner of his mouth twitch.

"You want something? You not here talk with Kronk."

"As charmed as I am by your presence, no. Is Thralia in?"

He nodded.

"Is she decent?"

"Thralia very kind to Kronk..."

"Is she alone and clothed?"

By Tyr's right buttock, I'd made the half-orc blush!

"Thralia alone, but...Kronk not know if..."

I grinned.

"Why don't you check? And then tell her I'm waiting to see her."

Kronk went inside. I heard something heavy drop to the ground and I heard Thralia giggle. I struggled to remain sober. Quickly, Kronk stepped back outside, grabbed me and ushered me in before hastily shutting the door behind me. Thralia and I looked at each other and collapsed to the ground. I muffled my laughter into my cape, while she covered her face with a pillow.

As long as I've known her, Thralia had always tranced in the nude and I saw that she hadn't changed a bit. I'm sure Kronk had seen plenty of naked women before, but not women like Thralia.

I whispered in elven, "Sorry, I have to get serious now."

Thralia put on her poker face. "Of course."

"I suppose you know she's gone."

She batted her eyelids at me. "Why would you think that?"

"Because I know you have at least five people staked out in and around this building, not to mention the people stationed all around Everlund who report to those people who then report to you. And I know you know what she can do. And I know your mouth is watering."

She lounged on her bed like a cat. "And I know that you know. But did you know that I knew that you knew that I know?"

"Indeed I did."

"I daresay you missed your calling in life."

"That I doubt. I may be able to sense trouble, but I sure have a hard time avoiding it."

"I'll say. When did you find her?"

"Greengrass, just outside Silverymoon."

She grinned.

"And already you're going to have angry drow after you. That is quite an accomplishment."

"Not now, Thralia. I need a favor."

"I know."

"But did you know that I knew?"

"Of course. What do you need?"

"Well, if my suspicions are correct, they will be coming. We need a head start. I know the drow cannot be stopped, exactly..."

Thralia scoffed indignantly.

"...but if you could delay them, perhaps get them to going in the wrong direction...I need them to head towards Noanar's Hold."

"Consider it done."

"You're the best."

"I know."

I raised my eyebrow.

"I have to go about my business today, but know that I owe you a favor."

She took my hand.

"Friends don't owe. They do because they wish to. But I may need your help someday and I am glad that you offer it."

Thralia got dressed and we more loudly spoke in a mix of common and elven about the noble aims of Dhavra and her brave, suicidal journey towards Noanar's Hold. As I broke into fresh tears (Thralia had told me the one dirty joke she knew in druidic), she saw me to the door. She whispered into my ear, "See you at the wedding," and more naturally told me to keep my chin up.

Then she beckoned Kronk inside.


before visiting Ralenthra.

You meant Thralia, right?

Other than that, it would be easier to read if the dialogue were in quotations marks rather than italicized.

I am the last person allowed to tell anyone that something is too long or dialogue-heavy. :D I really like the exchanges with Kronk and Thralia. Actually, you could cover a bit more of Seledra's day, if only because the story's very Ralenthra-heavy right now, and we could use some more of the other characters.

You might want to work "Dhavra's" specific destination in there somewhere, since it hasn't been mentioned anywhere in-story yet, either in the exchange with Darla or as an aside that you told everyone where she was going yesterday or something.
Fixed the typo. Check.

Put the dialogue in quotation marks and removed italicization. Check.

Dropped in Noanar's Hold references and otherwise spruced up a couple of minor details. Check.

Oh, I definitely plan on covering more of her day. I just felt that the amount of content I had, while good, needed to have it's own entry due to it's sheer bulk and that I would finish the rest of the day in another entry. :)
I like how you handle Kronk. We're playing him as a big sweet lug, which is fun, and strangely appropriate.

I would encourage you to trim his speech down even more. I try to get him talking like Tonto, Frankenstein, etc. So "Kronk sure you not here to talk with him," is pretty good; but "You not here talk with Kronk," is even a little better.

But that's nitpicking (again). Overall, this is money, baby: run wi' it!
Edited it again, trimming Kronk's speech pattern to bare minimals. :)
So Kronk need to write. Kronk not ready to write. Kronk need to find poetic resonance within narrative structure before Kronk can expound upon his recent activities. Kronk too busy rediscovering use of misprison in Chaucer to find copy of Lajos Egri and perform psychoanalytical dissection of metaphorical representation in context of multi-dimensional hypertextual fictive space right now.

Kronk will contribute to story when his creator get back home with time on hands. And when creator is feeling better. Please be patient.
Get on with it!