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21 Flamerule 1372 (Night)

With Isioleth and Isendur leading the way and the Harpers trailing slightly behind we made our way through the High Forest to Amalith. I am so embarassed. And upset. I thought this little road trip would be fun and until we reached the ass hole of the Silver Marches everything was fine. If only the wedding were held in Everlund, all of this would not have happened.

I looked over at Ralenthra, her silvery hair glowing in the moonlight that streamed through the window of the carriage as she tranced. She saved my life and those...people, those humans especially, were so cruel to her. The wood elf I could almost understand as they are not exactly known for being too bright, but damn it all, why do people have to be this way?

I can at least count on Isendur and Isioleth to be good, as they'd already met her and didn't seem suspicious or bothered. Ariel didn't seem upset when I told her. I guess that leaves the bride and groom, oh, and Methrammar.

Ooh, Methrammar. I hadn't had a chance to think about him in a while. What a fine, fine specimen of a man he is. What a gentleman. I wonder how he dances and if he will dance with me at the wedding. And then I remembered the last person I'd danced with. The boy.

The charming, clever, handsome and good-natured boy with magic crackling and dancing on the surface of his skin. Who wouldn't remember me even if I walked up to him and flashed him.

This is all too much, too much thinking. I opened my pack and took out a small bottle of raspberry ale, downing it as quickly as I could. A wonderful numbness washed over me.

It is so much better when one doesn't have to feel anymore.


Ooh, yes, I like. It's very intimate, in a way. Normally we see Seledra being very confident, and I like seeing that in her private thoughts, she's more uncertain than what she shows outwardly. Not that she hasn't expressed guilt over her indiscretion before, but it was in a different way.
If it makes you feel better, *I'd* remember if you flashed me. We should test that hypothesis.

For the furtherance of knowledge.

It would please my pants the gods.
And when are we going to here from you again, eh? I'm sure you've been having some fascinating adventures of your own.